lenin in lenin

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why lenin died ofcourse we are into reality but what happened ?

i was for masscollabs at vatan party may be homeland country patriot
party in english talking with members who found this build and others
who are newbie and struggling not to accept known ideas then we
started arguing what is masscollabs someone who is responsible for
judgement of cryptographic communication community application bylock
attacked me as a gaming way just obey me say yes or no and i said
nothing as always there is Allah but it was a game of consciousness
which aims to change someone soul so it is not possible just because
of Allah

why lenin did die or died ? shooted brain or neuro-backbone ? no the
right answer is there is Allah no one can exist without Allah nothing
can exist without Allah

what makes lenin important because we are searching for Allah and list
of idea word name of Allah we are not searching lenin we are for
exploring limits of reality that is why i use that name vladimir
dmandlev which mean vladimir dimensions and levels

what they dont know there is no need to security that is why i say
fully computational operating system which is the new motto of
masscollabs star trek happiness

so we say free software as same free hardware as same free society
where there is no matter but only soul it looks like we talk to Allah
via angels this search is so funny and i needed to remember what has
achieved despite there is no time demomentum